Monday, April 20, 2009

Five things your Picture Framer needs to know about paper.

1. How to handle all kinds of paper. Antique documents need different treatments than a giclee, photograph or collage. We know how to properly care for your treasure including the most archival way to frame it.

How to hinge your paper artwork. Does your artwork need a Book Hinge? Tape hinge? Corners? Sink Mat? Spacer? Riser? We can tell you! Our expert staff, with many years of experience, includes a Certified Picture Framer.

3. What type of paper artwork you have. It sounds simple, but there are many different types of artwork on paper. Antique family photographs need special treatment that is different than the special care that an Intaglio does. Let us help you decide the best way to preserve and enjoy your treasure.

4. Whether your artwork should be mounted or not. Is dry mounting an option for your artwork? Should your artwork be wet mounted? Should it not be mounted at all? We can help you make that decision in a way that will enhance and protect your artwork.

5. How to handle the great variety of digital papers and inks. Digital images have special needs that are unique to their genre. We have experience in handling a variety of different types of digital images and we can advise you of what is best for your artwork.

At The Frame and I we have the experience and the expertise to help you preserve and enhance your artwork on paper.



dollslikeus said...

I am lucky enough to have a collection of very old photographs I take them out and look at them once in a while I treasure them a lot. My favorite one is the big wheel from way way back maybe 100 150 years this wheel sits on top of a wagon and is prably 4 stores high the people on this wagon driving it look quiet small and look like their clothing was made by a family member.

The Frame and I said...

Wow! That photo sounds great! I love old photographs, too. I have some great family pictures that go back to the early 1900s. I agree, it is really fun to go back and look at them.