Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art Student of the Month, Granite Mountain Middle School

One of my all time favorite things that we do here at the Frame and I is frame elementary school childrens' artwork. A young person's sense of color and uninhibited expressiveness make for great art, don't you think?

This collage piece is after the style of Modigliani. It is made from newspaper, cut, pasted together, and painted in bright translucent colors. Theresa framed it by making a newsprint collage for the background, cutting an arched double mat with bright lime green bevel, UV filtering glass, and a simple dark wood frame to reflect the clean lines of the artwork. The art piece itself floats up about 1/2 inch off of the background paper, which imparts visual depth to it.

Congratulations to Granite Mountain Middle School for teaching such talented artists!
This artwork is framed as an award to the student, free of charge. We'd love it if you stop by our store and see it in the window for the next week or two!

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