Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Student of the Month

Our latest featured elementary student's artwork is a collagraph print of a fish. I love how the colors blend together, and the black paper it's printed on gives a unique outlined look to the print. A big props to Ann Hein and Taylor Hicks Elementary School for teaching kids about fine art in such a creative and fun way.
We frame an elementary student's work every month, and feature it in our gallery window. This is done without charge to the school, teacher, or student.
Framing kids' art can be a huge encouragement to these budding artists. Framing it also helps control clutter in your home, because it allows you to select the best pieces to show off (the rest can go safely in an album for later perusal)! Bring a little color and playfulness into your life by framing your kids' art today.

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